Mission and Vision

mission and vision

Like WAU, we aim to fly high 
We are benchmarked locally and globally, a leader in ALL areas 
Like WAU, we are colorful We respect and honour each other, give equal opportunities to
ALL irrespective of RACE, GENDER, RELIGION or AGE 
Like WAU, we fly the best in good weather 

We work the best in a Clean, Safe and Environmental Friendly place 

Like WAU, we fly with the help of skill, wind and string We are focused and fully equipped to perform 

Like WAU, we are “balance” when we fly high We strive to balance our work with our personal life 

Like WAU, we change direction with the wind We adapt rapidly to changes and excel through changes 

Like WAU, we are the Malaysian’s identity We are open, honest, sincere, friendly and we respect everybody 

WE are called “WAU” We impress others, their expression is “WOW”